Zach Servideo has spent nearly 15 years working in media, technology and entertainment as a publicist, communications strategist and business development consultant. While Zach focuses primarily on business-to-business companies and strategies, he also consults on major consumer technology launches (Segway miniPRO’s North American launch) and occasionally will be asked by major media to review consumer technology product launches (like his Recode review of Snap Inc’s Spectacles).

Zach’s marketing and strategy efforts have helped many innovative companies launch or be acquired -- from TV innovators iSpot.tv, Canvs, Inscape (Vizio), Watchwith (Comcast) to digital commerce companies WHOSAY (Viacom), Epoxy (Vemba), Beachfront Media, PadSquad, DanceOn and many more. He also consults with major networks like Turner (TBS/TNT) to help them navigate and expand across the multi-platform digital media landscape.

Zach manages and co-owns TV[R]EV, a media analyst group comprised of veteran journalists and business executives who provide counsel, conduct workshops and issue white papers for investors, networks, agencies, and ecosystem players.

Zach oversees the media and launch practices at Fabric Media, drawing on his experience launching companies out of Cambridge Innovation Center in the late 2000s. He co-leads programs with Fabric Media Founder & CEO Jason Damata and works closely with media publishers, social networks and TV networks to innovate traditional content formats with new digital experiences, insights and content strategies.

Prior to joining Fabric, Zach spent time at San Francisco and Boston communications agencies Schwartz Communications (now Schwartz MSL), SHIFT Communications and fama PR, and he was Principal at SF-based theMIX agency overseeing the company’s LA expansion.

Zach grew up in Boston, attended Boston University’s College of Communication and graduated Cum Laude. He spent five years living in Los Angeles and now splits time between LA and Boston. Zach’s enthusiasm for life begins with his family: his wife Elizabeth, their daughter Mila and their dog Lucky. Zach’s energy extends into fitness where he’s completed several sprint and olympic length triathlons and one 70.3 Ironman.