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We began working with iSpot.tv (pre-Series A) when it was a group of 10 people with a vision to bring transparency to TV advertising.  Now, 100+ person company is defining attention on TV and tracking transactions that result from TV advertising for the largest TV networks and brands in America. Want to see how we take analytics and make a currency? Check out the media partnerships we brokered with Advertising AgeVariety, WSJ,  or check out what we're doing with them lately.

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Fabric Media has partnered with Segway in an effort to bring to market one of Segway's first consumer lifestyle products, the Segway miniPRO

Segway Inc. is the world’s leading provider of personal electric transportation. The Company’s network currently includes more than 250 distributors, dealers and experience centers in 80 countries. In April 2015, Ninebot, of Beijing, China, strategically merged with Segway, headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire, making it possible to bring electric driving, mobile internet and human-computer interaction to products in the automotive, robotics and personal transportation industries. The Company’s ultimate goal is to promote the evolution of their products to become the world's leading provider of mobile robotics solutions.

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Fabric Media is the agency of record for Beachfront Media, a video everywhere company pioneering new advertising and application technologies for the world's largest content creators. Build apps for any device or connected TV.  Monetize content across every device. Syndicate video to hundreds of publishers. Since beginning its work for Beachfront, Fabric Media has helped launch 4 different brands and numerous products by leading media and branding initiatives, assisting with business and partnership development and editorials systems.  Yet through it all, we are still trying to beat the time Steve Job cited a study on HTML5 adoption we released together.  

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Fabric is the agency of record for Canvs, a technology platform created to measure and interpret emotions. Built using social media listening research from MSI Young Marketing Scholar, Professor Sam Hui, Ph.D., the company’s proprietary social language interpreter technology understands millions of words used that are not yet formally defined or recognized anywhere else. Working with Sony Pictures, NBCU, Viacom and more, Canvs maps the emotional resonance of specific characters, plotlines and moments — mapping the emotionally charged reactions to 56 unique emotion categories including “love,” “dislike,” “annoying,” “beautiful,” “boring” and more.

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Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Vertebrae is a technology company focused on making virtual reality (VR) accessible to publishers, advertisers and users alike through its monetization platform. With plans to extend into Augmented Reality (AR), the headset-agnostic VR ad tech is currently in private beta for use by entertainment studios, gaming companies, creative agencies and brands to tell stories in dynamic virtual environments -- offering native ad insertion with a range of fully immersive and interactive ad formats. The Vertebrae team is comprised of experienced media, gaming, ad tech and brand marketing professionals with backgrounds at companies such as Oculus, Google (YouTube), Activision, Facebook and Twitter.


Founded in 2012 and based in New York City, PadSquad is a mobile rich media advertising platform with a creative-first approach to brand storytelling. PadSquad utilizes its proprietary mobile ad delivery system to enable a supply marketplace of premium publishers (Complex Media, Hearst, Maxim, Perch, CBS) to deploy user-controlled, in-line mobile ad formats for Fortune 500 brands (Intel, Verizon, The Home Depot, L’Oréal, Cover Girl, PepsiCo, Best Buy) that foster polite engagement with consumers.


IRIS.TV is a cloud-based personalized video programming system that allows publishers and content owners to generate more video views and engage users across all devices. The company’s product suite is designed to increase video consumption and simplify operations for web, mobile, and OTT video distribution. The software integrates with existing video players using artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning to automate streaming of personalized content based on audience preferences, user interaction, and behavioral segmentation. IRIS.TV has hundreds of customers across the world that rely on the company’s video programming platform to keep their audiences watching.
Based in Los Angeles, IRIS TV’s investors include Sierra Wasatch, BDMI, Progress Ventures and individual backers including Machinima founder Allen DeBevoise, Lions Gate CFO James Barge as well as senior executives with Nielsen and AEG.


Conceived and founded by legendary radio DJ Scott Keeney (aka DJ Skee), Dash Radio is a curator-led digital broadcasting network that is redefining the future of radio. Leveraging the distribution power of the Internet rather than radio towers or satellites, Dash Radio has created a multichannel network of radio stations where the world’s leading DJs have complete control. The result is a curated and communal experience where real DJs play music for millions of listeners in real time.


DanceOn is the leading programming brand for dance entertainment reaching digital natives. The company was founded by CEO Amanda Taylor along with Madonna, Guy Oseary and Allen DeBevoise. DanceOn has existing relationships with all major music labels, including the Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Records and the like. 


Brandlive provides a multi-channel live video platform that includes audience interaction plus robust merchandising and e-commerce integration. Brandlive is used by top brands and retailers to conduct live interactive online product training, marketing and e-commerce events. The platform enables brands to connect their best product experts directly to global online audiences, who can then interact with those experts. Customers such as GoPro, Levi Strauss, adidas, REI, Pottery Barn, and Rockwell Tools use this solution to launch products, increase e-commerce sales, create innovative live marketing programs, and conduct more cost-effective training.


WHOSAY powers influence marketing campaigns for brands across all verticals and utilizes every level of celebrity and influencer. WHOSAY delivers measurably superior results to other social and mobile advertising.

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Inscape is an industry leader in advertising solutions through automatic content recognition. Inscape captures live viewing data from content sources across millions of Smart TVs and devices. Their comprehensive metrics deliver highly accurate, cross-platform viewing behavior. Inscape enables advertisers and content producers with important insights that help them develop a deeper understanding of audiences, make more intelligent ad-buying decisions and be better prepared for changes in the market place.


HIGH TIMES Magazine has been at the center of cannabis counterculture since 1974. From growing tips and music reviews to the push for marijuana legalization, nobody covers cannabis like HIGH TIMES. In June 2017, HIGH TIMES was acquired by Oreva Capital. Now through the Cannabis Cup, digital properties, the magazine and more, HIGH TIMES will bring together more people than ever before.


Here Media is a community of storytellers, innovators, and influencers who believe in giving a voice to all people. Recently acquired by Oreva Capital, it produces and distributes niche content focused on LGBT consumers across a multi-platform global network including TV, video on demand (VOD), broadband, online, print, and mobile. Its content networks include The AdvocateOUT, and HIV Plus, SheWired, OUTTraveler, Pride and more.

ActionSprout is an audience engagement platform used by thousands of nonprofits to enhance the use of Facebook for good. ActionSprout’s Topic Insights tool leverages Facebook’s Audience Insights API to give non-profits unprecedented capabilities -- to monitor, measure, respond, and optimize resources.


Digiday is a leading modern media publication and events company, a daily must-read among influencers obsessed with the bleeding edge of media and marketing. In their daily coverage, Digiday’s high-quality journalism mixes deep industry knowledge and experience with an emphasis on honesty over spin and quality over quantity. Their growing international staff of reporters covers the publishing, advertising and digital platform industries with an expertise, depth and a wry tone unparalleled in their beats. Their work has been cited in the New York Times, on NPR, Business Insider and others. Fast Company included Digiday on its 2015 list of most innovative media companies in the world. The company as a whole strives to continually reimagine and reshape the media we cover and create, guided by our core values of quality, honesty, curiosity, tenacity and fun. Fabric Media is the agency of record for Digiday, and helped launch their sister publication, Glossy.


While we have had the good fortune of representing social networks, TV networks, rock stars and organizations creating positive change, it's hard to beat the amazing ride we have been on with  Explore.org, the philanthropic media organization. Created and led by Charlie Annenberg to champion the selfless and inspire lifelong learning, explore.org has transformed from a portal for world class films and photography into the largest producer of live nature content in the world and home to Dog Bless You, one of the most engaged dog communities on the web.  In addition to leading global media campaigns that have generated thousands of articles and inspired millions of people, we worked closely with Charlie on launching the first opera on the Iraq War, helped produce important and acclaimed documentaries and got the chance to look wild bears in the eye from a short distance.  By establishing  partnerships with media outlets such as CNN, Discovery, Animal Planet, ABC News, The Guardian, BBC, National Geographic, USA Today & the Associated Press, explore.org now has the reach to bring inspiring content to people everywhere, quickly.  

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Watchwith    is the leading data driven advertising platform used by TV programmers and premium video publishers to monetize their audiences with in-program contextual advertising. Watchwith enables advertisers to precisely target digital viewers with engaging, contextually relevant, interactive brand experiences - all within video content. Watchwith in-program ads offer unmatched viewability and superior brand recall, and are extremely effective with young viewers trained to ignore traditional interruptive ad breaks. Watchwith TV network customers include CBSi, FOX Broadcasting, NBCUniversal and Viacom.

Watchwith is the leading data driven advertising platform used by TV programmers and premium video publishers to monetize their audiences with in-program contextual advertising. Watchwith enables advertisers to precisely target digital viewers with engaging, contextually relevant, interactive brand experiences - all within video content. Watchwith in-program ads offer unmatched viewability and superior brand recall, and are extremely effective with young viewers trained to ignore traditional interruptive ad breaks. Watchwith TV network customers include CBSi, FOX Broadcasting, NBCUniversal and Viacom.


Clammr is the first short-form audio, social discovery layer to unite the media landscape. Clammr is a bite-sized audio service powering the sharing and discovery of 24-second snippets across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and the Clammr community comprised of podcasters, news & informations providers, comics, musicians, journalists, digital networks and media publishers. Clammr is used by the world’s largest audio and podcasting networks (PodcastOne, Midroll), and the service is integrated with all of the major audio platforms -- Libsyn, Spreaker, Blubrry, Buzzsprout, Podbean, Simple Podcast Press, Awesound.


Voxgov's mission is to become the established site of record for unedited media, news and information from all official government sources, providing reliable and comprehensive value-added access to government communications. Through early discovery of critical information, they help users predict the likely course of government decision-making on issues critical to their interests while better positioning them to influence outcomes in their favor.


Epoxy is pioneering technologies to help video creators manage content and engage audiences across platforms. With analytics for understanding the true reach of content to tools for helping creators edit and distribute content quickly on the go, the Time-Warner and Downey Ventures-backed start-up is working with the world's largest YouTube organizations on the new creator-driven economy.

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Abstracts from our Adventures

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Fabric Media launched  Trendrr in 2008 and was the agency of record until it was acquired by Twitter in the fall of 2013. During its tenure, Fabric Media established partnerships and ongoing data relationships with dozens of major media organizations around the world and helped social media data become an important measuring stick for understanding the pulse of people. For you social data or media geeks here is an obnoxiously large media sample.


We handled the successful launch and first two years of media strategy for Clearleap, the TV technology platform. By using proprietary, cloud-based technologies, Clearleap changed the way TV content is managed and delivered in the multi-platform world.  Media Sample.


Just one year after bebo was sold to AOL for $1.1B, Fabric Media assumed the responsibilities for all marketing and communications for the social network, which at the time was the world's third largest, with 120 million registered users. While we worked with executives and programmers to breathe optimism back into the media and business marketplace,  the window of opportunity was too far gone with consumers who by then had fled en masse  to "new" platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The experience, however was amazing, as we were still able to push the market to innovate around cyber-security, anti-bullying and shared responsibility within digital communities. 


The first-ever 24-hour live streaming TV network , venture-backed maniaTV broke new ground in the early stages of web video. Fabric Media handled business development, syndication and media relations for the pioneering web video network, including shows starring Dave Navarro, Tom Green and others. Despite inking some of the first seven figure web video deals and growing popularity, investors all but shuttered the network in 2009,  

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Since 2008, Fabric Media has been the agency of record for ShortsHD™  the first high definition channel dedicated to short movies.  The network, available in cable and satellite homes in the US and more than 20 countries abroad is operated by Shorts International, the world’s leading short movie entertainment company.  


When Leo Burnett launched its NYC office, they called us to help drive the launch campaign. Their ode to entering NYC was something called, New York Writes Itself, a highly-collaborative multi-channel art project . In addition to securing coverage in NYT and other places, we put a deal together with publishers that resulted in a Golden Lion for branded content. They texted us pictures with trophies and champagne.  

Fabric Media was retained by Voice MediaGroup to help the alt-weekly publishers understand social media distribution strategies and better leverage its content to drive traffic and audience. Fabric Media also connected Voice with TV and advertising partnerships that generated revenues and exposure.


Fabric Media acted as strategic media advisors and equity partners for the MeNetwork  a proprietary mobile platform for helping local merchants and small businesses connect with people near by. The platform gained rapid adoption in 20 states before being acquired by Spindle, (for the win!)

THE WORLDS LEADING ROCK N ROLL CANCER FOUNDATION LHSF is an international, music-centric cancer charity dedicated to saving lives, one concert at a time. The mission is to save lives, right now, with the advances that have already been made in cancer care. We do not fund cancer research, rather we use our funds to build and support cancer centers around the globe, build awareness of global cancer needs, and to build international marrow databases through the "GET ON THE LIST" campaign.